Cazueala’s Acapulco Gold Review

Acapulco Gold – Cazuela’s Mexican Grill & Brewery

6 % ABV 12 IBU

Reviewed by MrHoppy & BeerMan

Cazuela’s Mexican Grill and Brewery is a place I was unaware of until we began this website. Apparently, they already had a (well deserved) reputation for good food. To my surprise they had been brewing for over a year. I was even more surprised that this new brewery had just won a World Beer Cup Award for their Stout. I may be the only local brew-head that didn’t know about this place. If you are like me and you only recently heard about Cazuela’s, it is definitely worth a try.

Back on the subject at hand…  Cazuela’s Acapulco Gold is a good clean Lager that holds its own against many great Lagers.

Overall Rating is 4 of 5 Beer Mugs

Acupolco Gold

BeerMan 4.5 of 5 Mugs

When the pint glass arrived at my table there was little head to speak of, just a thin ring of white on the rim of the glass. The beer is light and hazy in  appearance with a little carbonation. Just right for the style.

I personally noted straw, corn, and honey in the flavor with very little bitter citrus flavor (this beer is about 12 IBU). Think Land Shark, only more fresh with a slightly fuller taste, if you’d like a comparison.

This is a great beer to escape the Summer heat. It also works well if you’d like to try something good that contrasts with the over-the-top flavors and bitters that most Albuquerque beer is famous for.

MrHoppy 4 of 5 Mugs

A great drinkable beer, perfect for a warm summer day.  This lager is just as Dank as it’s name implies!



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Kactus Cream Stout Review

Cream Stout – Kaktus Brewery

4.3 % ABV 20 IBU

The Kactus Cream Stout, on first glance, looks like your standard Stout style. The pint sports an average head of a half an inch served (but I’m sure there would have been more if allowed room). The head is frothy and light brown, medium thick, housing a contrasting black base body color underneath. The aroma is full of nut-like barley, caramel, chocolate, and coffee notes with the expected roasted essence every stout should contain.


Overall Rating is 4 of 5 Beer Mugs

Reviewed by BierHead, MrHoppy & BeerMan


BeerMan 4 of 5 Mugs


Despite the dark impenetrable black color of the stout it’s a surprisingly light drink. Other cream stouts can be thick but this one is light for its style while still hitting all of the right flavor notes. I’d imagine for a hardcore stout-head the light mouth-feel might be a complaint. It’s a hard complaint to justify when you consider that the flavor suffers little, if at all, from the beer not being as heavy as your usual stout. I’m not a major stout head but I think it really does only differ in that respect to any other I have had.

The reason I’m taking time to harp so much about the light mouth-feel of this stout is that, sitting outside in the warmth of the early summer while sampling a pint of this beer, it was surprisingly refreshing. If given the choice, I’d rather avoid stouts like the plague in warmer months because of the typical heavy oatmeal-ish texture that is usually comforting in the cold but painstaking to drink in the summer heat. That’s not the case with Kactus’ Cream Stout. I will likely order one again… whatever the forecast.

Mr Hoppy 4 of 5 Mugs

Let me start  by saying I’m not much of a stout guy, hence the name Mr Hoppy. With that said I thoroughly enjoyed Kaktus’s Cream Stout. An average size foamy head with great lacing. Soft creamy carbonation (nitro) with a dark brown color. Inital wiff of this beer produced a ton of aromas ranging from carmel to roasted cookie and hints of coffee. Very drinkable body with a creamy mouth feel that lives up to it’s name Cream Stout.

BierHead 4 of 5 Mugs

Hello my fellow beer enthusiast! For my first rating of a brew I had the opportunity to visit Kaktus Brewing in Bernalillo. They had a Cream Stout on ‘NITRO!’* So of course I had to try it. The first thing I notice is a huge alive head slowly forming (perhaps too much nitro). After a couple of pours and settling time it is really quite a beautiful beer.

The Aroma of the beer is roasted, grainy, slightly smokey, and with espresso rather then coffee notes. There is a citrus hop coming through and earth tones present. It is interesting on the nose. The flavor is of dark roasted grains and some malty sweetness. More of an espresso flavor than coffee (as in the nose). The mouth-feel is a bit heavy with some creaminess from the nitro*. I really enjoyed my pint (so much I stayed for a 2nd).

Great job Mike Waddy and Mark Matheson (brewers). I do my rating a little differently. I would give this beer a 3.91 out of 5 according to my scale. Rounded, it gets a 4 out of a 5 beer rating on the scale. Remember, all opinions on this site are just that… opinions. We would be pleased to hear your opinion as you sample some of the same beer we write about on this site.

-A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.

*Nitro Explained


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Father Nelson Beer Review

Father Nelson IPA – La Cumbre Brewing Co

10.6% ABV 100+ IBU

This beer completely takes over your palate. It is slightly sweet, citrus filled, and dank. If you are not a fan of hoppier beer this may not be for you. If Il Vicino’s Exodus or La Cumbre’s Elevated IPA are your Friday after work go-to, you’ll probably love this beer.


Overall Rating is 4 of 5 Beer Mugs

Reviewed by  MrHoppy & BeerMan


Mr Hoppy 3.5 of 5 mugs

Nelson Sauvin hops are at the forefront of this one. From the first whiff to the finish you are left with the strong characteristics of Neson’s sweet flowery grape like flavor. The hops are a little bit over powering on the light golden base. However the beer is surprisingly light for a 10.6% and doesn’t taste as strong. All in all I thought is was a great beer that I recomend for IPA lovers but overall not something the average beer drinker could consume daily.

father-nelsonBeerMan 4.5 of 5 mugs

I heard about this one just in time. La Cumbre was out of it within 5 days of my tasting it for this review. By the time this review is published any remaining Father Nelson will have been gone for a week and a half. If you didn’t get a chance to try it, your just going to have to wait for the next batch from La Cumbre. I’d imagine, given the rave reviews for this beer you won’t have to wait more than a year before it makes an appearance again.

As someone who likes their beer as hoppy as they can get it, this was right up my alley. This beer has a big hop aroma that you notice immediately as soon as the beer is in front of you. I had one glass in a snifter at La Cumbre and another a couple days later from a bottle (pictured in this post). The beer is light for its nearly 11% ABV value (10.6 to be exact). It’s clear, and golden, with a bright white head. The aroma is so hoppy I can’t really distinguish too many individual elements from the smell. The taste is explosive. I don’t mean to exaggerate, but to say it is explosive as much as the taste of citrus and hops can be described as explosive…



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The Last Straw Beer Review

The Last Straw Hefeweizen – Bosque Brewing Co

5.9% ABV 12 IBU

“The Last Straw” Hefeweizen from Bosque Brewing Company is a light and citrus tinged wheat beer just in time for Summer!


Overall Rating is 4 of 5 Beer Mugs

Reviewed by MrHoppy & BeerMan


The-Last-Straw-Hefe-BosqueBeerMan 3.5 of 5 mugs

When first served, the head dissipated quickly and there was just enough left around the rim to provide aroma when my pint arrived at the table. On first glance, everything you expect in a wheat beer is there (a golden color, a nice hazy appearance, and low-carbonation).

Upon tasting, there is a little more citrus flavor present than in your typical Hefeweizen. I noted a medium presence of lime and orange. Also, the Hop/Malt and Yeast character are in good balance producing a taste that is smooth throughout and doesn’t overwhelm you at any point like a more hop-centric style would.

Being someone who defaults to more hopped up brew styles I appreciated the clean citrus flavor of this brew and would actually take one over the IPA I order on my usual visits to Bosque Brewing. This beer is a solid 4 mugs in my opinion.


Mr Hoppy 4.5 of 5 mugs

Nice large foamy head, good lacing, and a fair amount of carbonation. Aesthetically speaking, this beer has everything I look for in a great beer.  Crisp clean initially with a smooth creamy wheat flavored finish. Not a lot of yeast flavors usually found in a Hefe which is a plus for me. Overall a great light summer beer that leaves you wanting more after every sip.  The only reason for not giving this beer 5 mugs is that it was the first to be reviewed and I had no comparison.



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