The Last Straw Beer Review

The Last Straw Hefeweizen – Bosque Brewing Co

5.9% ABV 12 IBU

“The Last Straw” Hefeweizen from Bosque Brewing Company is a light and citrus tinged wheat beer just in time for Summer!


Overall Rating is 4 of 5 Beer Mugs

Reviewed by MrHoppy & BeerMan


The-Last-Straw-Hefe-BosqueBeerMan 3.5 of 5 mugs

When first served, the head dissipated quickly and there was just enough left around the rim to provide aroma when my pint arrived at the table. On first glance, everything you expect in a wheat beer is there (a golden color, a nice hazy appearance, and low-carbonation).

Upon tasting, there is a little more citrus flavor present than in your typical Hefeweizen. I noted a medium presence of lime and orange. Also, the Hop/Malt and Yeast character are in good balance producing a taste that is smooth throughout and doesn’t overwhelm you at any point like a more hop-centric style would.

Being someone who defaults to more hopped up brew styles I appreciated the clean citrus flavor of this brew and would actually take one over the IPA I order on my usual visits to Bosque Brewing. This beer is a solid 4 mugs in my opinion.


Mr Hoppy 4.5 of 5 mugs

Nice large foamy head, good lacing, and a fair amount of carbonation. Aesthetically speaking, this beer has everything I look for in a great beer.  Crisp clean initially with a smooth creamy wheat flavored finish. Not a lot of yeast flavors usually found in a Hefe which is a plus for me. Overall a great light summer beer that leaves you wanting more after every sip.  The only reason for not giving this beer 5 mugs is that it was the first to be reviewed and I had no comparison.



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