NM IPA Challenge – Elimination Round 2017

This year’s (2017) New Mexico IPA Challenge was one for the record books. A total number of 39 entries from breweries spanning the entire state. The beers were randomly numbered and assigned into 3 separate flights. Beers 1-13 in the first flight beers 14-26 in the second flight, and beers 27-39in the third flight (3 beers were missing so only 35 IPAs were judged) . I was personally given the first flight of NM IPAs consisting of beers 1-13 (Only 12 beers were on the flight, 1-12).

Despite being a very large venue Duel Brewing was absolutely packed with very little bar space or seating available. I found an empty spot with one of the guys from NM Darkside Brewcrew. There wasn’t a chair but I was just happy to have a spot to put my beer down. Also he was nice enough to let me sit for a while as I judged my flight. So thanks and shout out to Brandon for that!


I started with aroma and quickly sniffed and wrote notes on each as aroma tend to dissipate quickly. I then noted appearance such as color, clarity, head size, etc. Then the final test the taste which included a small sip from each. After I had judged all of the previous factors I sipped again and scored them on my overall impression. I then added the scores together and began my first round of elimination based on the lowest scores.

After my initial elimination leaving only 6 IPAs left on my tray, I put the scores to the side and finish my choice based simply on flavor, drink-ability and repeat-ability.  It should be noted that all of the beers were good and none of the entries I tasted were un-worthy of the challenge, while there were a few beers slightly out of style. The beers I had as my top 6 from flight 1 (1-13) are as follows in order starting with my favorite. #10, #11, #9, #3, #8, #2 and #6 almost making my cut.

MrHoppy’s Picks from Flight 1, Beers 1-13

#10 – Sidetrack Brewing
#11 – Santa Fe Brewing
#9 – Sierra Blanca
#3 – Spotted Dog Brewery
#8 – The 377 Brewery
#2 – Rowley Farmhouse Ales

Now for what you actually want to know, who actually won this thing. Yeah, yeah, no one cares what MrHoppy thinks… j/k I hope!

The Breweries that made the cut and will advance to the next round of the challenge are as follows.




NM IPA Challenge 2017 – Elimination Round Winners

The 377:  27
Bosque: 21
Boxing Bear: 17
Starr Bros: 17
Blue Corn: 16
Tractor: 15
La Cumbre: 14
Bow & Arrow: 12
Marble: 12
Second St: 12*
Quarter Celtic: 11
Ponderosa: 10
Canteen: 10
Steel Bender: 6*
Picacho Peak: NA*

(*Hosting breweries auto advance to next round.)

Not Moving On
Sierra Blanca: 9
Bathtub Row: 7
Rowley: 7
The Wellhead: 7
Santa Fe: 6
Duel: 6
Dialogue: 6
Palmer: 6
Rio Bravo: 6
Chama: 5
Drafty Kilt: 5
Kellys: 5
Spotted Dog: 5
Desert Valley: 3
Nexus: 3
Sidetrack: 3
Turtle Mountain: 3
Cazuela’s: 2
Red Door: 2
Enchanted Circle: 1
Three Rivers: 1

There are some really great beers represented in the NM IPA Challenge this year and we look forward the the ABQ leg of the competition!



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