It’s 3 O’Clock Somewhere!

Thanks to the lovely weather we are currently being bombarded with a lovely variety of Berliner-Weisses and other tart ales. A lovely variety of light beer that is not as common in the ABQ craft beer community is the Kolsch-style beer. Steel Bender Brewyard offers a bright, masterfully crafted rendition of this classic German style.

Steel Bender Brewyard is located on the northmos t bit of Albuquerque on your way to Corralles at 8305 2nd St. NW. It offers a great variety of gorgeous ales to Albuquerque. I stopped in a bit “green around the gills” on a warm Sunday around noon to get some food and a light crispy beer. I ordered their signature “Steel Bender Burger” which offered toppings of a fried egg and fried green chile which matched perfectly with their lovely Lloyd’s 3 O’Clock Kölsch-style ale.

steel bender 3 o'clock kolschThe beer opens up with a bouquet of dry, bready flavors and finishes with a subtle hint of lemons. Made traditionally with German Pilsner Malt this beer comes in 25 IBU and 5% ABV making it a beautiful choice for sessioning on a porch on a nice hot day.

The taproom itself is spacious with plenty of natural light. It also features a 360 bar and a dog friendly patio. Also a big plus is it’s spacious parking lot!

Steel Bender Brewyard offers a wide variety of delicious house ales including a Red IPA, a Witbier, a dry Irish Stout, and many more. They offer rotating seasonals and a selection of local wines. The Steel Bender Brewyard is a great place to stop that is outside of the usual Downtown Brewery District and for those who live northwest section of Albuquerque. It is a new brewery that truly hit the ground running.


Written by  Barney Gumbel

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