Duel Brewing in ABQ

by Dillon Cullinan

duel3On a Monday evening I feel the weather warming as I make my way past Sister Bar on  7th and central. I walk inside Duel Brewing where I am greeted by an array of colorful windows that cast vibrantly on to the taproom floor. I am taken back by the enormously long room and zig-zag bar. The downtown taproom is the second location for Duel company.

I am greeted by the bartender and asked what I would lie to drink. I wanted to start light and ordered the “Marcel”, a Belgian-style Witbier. It is crisp, vibrant, and has a touch of tartness, all the great qualities of a Wit. It felt fitting with the order but I wanted to try something different. I found what I was looking for in the “Bad Amber” which contrary to it’s name is absolutely lovely. Malty with a touch of sweet, not too heavy but packs a punch. I found it perfect for the transition from cold to warm weather.

duel2To continue my tour of Duel’s brews I order a 5 oz pour of the “Cupiditas” a barrel-aged sour amber.  If a bar offers a sour option I can never resist. I was not disappointed. It had a touch of funkiness and had a sour-forward taste.

Trent Edwards is the owner of Duel Brewing and is also a painter. He says that the making of beer not too different from making a painting. Art in liquid form. He wanted to create a space to hideout and feel at home. A place that offered high quality beers brewed locally and a nice environment to enjoy them in, while also preserving a European feel.

There was an impressive amount of Duel brews I didn’t get to try while I was there. Next time I’m in I have the “Goya” at the top of my list, an imperial stout with an impressive abv of 14.9%

With the approaching warm weather this will surely be a popular place to grab a pint after work, or before a night out, or to spend your night at. They have live music here most Thursdays and other weekend events that can be found on their websites.

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