DOA: Club Brew at Broken Trails

Dukes of Ales Members Event

Initial order limited to 5 gallons Irish wort at $4.00/gallon and two bottles of spirits at $15.00/bottle. (Limited supply based on estimated 217 gallons wort and 100 bottles spirits.)

March 11: Small group to help with mash of Irish whiskey spirit.
March 18: Wort-share mash, boil, and distribution, same time as spirit distillation and barrel fill.
Sept. Bottling session after 6+ month barrel aging. Bottle distro’ and Homebrew evaluation.

Fine print: Current Dukes of Ale club membership required.

Signup now to reserve shares of wort and spirits.
Additional shares may be available at time of distribution.
Activity times will be published later and all are welcome to participate.

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