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Enchanted Brewing Challenge 2017

By ABQ Beer / March 8, 2017

Deadline April 14th! If you want to see how your Brewing, Cider making, Mead making skills stack up to other talents, this is the event for you! We’ll have quality judges that will give you valuable feedback on your creations, and there’s lots of winner’s medals and some excellent prizes as well. So check the […]


DOA: Club Brew at Broken Trails

By ABQ Beer / March 7, 2017

Dukes of Ales Members Event Initial order limited to 5 gallons Irish wort at $4.00/gallon and two bottles of spirits at $15.00/bottle. (Limited supply based on estimated 217 gallons wort and 100 bottles spirits.) March 11: Small group to help with mash of Irish whiskey spirit. March 18: Wort-share mash, boil, and distribution, same time […]


Home Brew News

By ABQ Beer / March 6, 2017

This is a new section we have added to the website to help support and promote the local home brew scene in New Mexico! Look for upcoming home brew news, events, competitions, special deals and much more!


The History and Function of Yeast in the Brewing of Beer

By ABQ Beer / September 21, 2014

The Chemical Magic of Yeast in Brewing Yeast has played a mysterious role in the brewing process since the early days of civilization; however, it wasn’t truly discovered until the late 1800s by Louis Pasteur. The fungus is responsible for producing a variety of compounds, including ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Whether creating ale or […]


The Art and Science of Brewing Water

By ABQ Beer / August 2, 2014

Casual drinkers and novice brewers may not understand the importance of water to the beer brewing process, but they should. Ninety percent of beer consists of water, making it a vital ingredient throughout the brewing process. The flavor and quality of brewing water directly contributes to the flavor and quality of the end product; therefore, […]

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