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Kaktus Brewing’s C-Thru Stout Review

By ABQ Beer / August 14, 2017

C-Thru Stout – Kaktüs Brewing ABV: 6.1% – IBU: 23 Blonde Stout Overall Rating 4.25 of 5 Mugs   MrHoppy 4.25 of 5 mugs C-Thru Stout is riddle in a glass. Looking like a light ale with a clear golden body and small white head but with a taste resembling a stout, hence the name C-Thru Stout.  Aromas are […]


Bow & Arrow’s Hazillionaire Review

By ABQ Beer / July 28, 2017

Hazillionaire – Bow & Arrow ABV: 6.8% – IBU: 65 IPA (w/Saison Yeast) Overall Rating 4.5 of 5 Mugs MrHoppy 4.5 of 5 mugs Hazillionaire has a hazed orange body and foamy white head, served in a tulip glass to help retain aroma. The first smell gives way to an array of citrus aromas with […]


Sidetrack’s Switchgear IPA Review

By ABQ Beer / July 21, 2017

Switchgear IPA – Sidetrack Brewing ABV: 7% – IBU: 80 IPA Overall Rating 4.5 of 5 Mugs NM IPA Challenge Notes: Switchgear IPA was my top pick of flight 1, beers 1-13 in the NM IPA Challenge, Elimination round. Since Switchgear IPA only got 3 votes (one of which was mine), I decided to go […]


Bosque’s Challenge IPA 3.0 Review

By ABQ Beer / July 14, 2017

Challenge IPA 3.0 – Bosque Brewing ABV: 6.5% – IBU: 90 IPA Overall Rating 5 of 5 Mugs MrHoppy 5 of 5 mugs Challenge IPA 3.0 starts out with HUGE Hop Aroma I could smell from across the table. Obviously they put in some quality time with the dry hops. Boasting big citrus and tropical […]


Marble’s Piña Pale Ale Review

By ABQ Beer / July 7, 2017

Piña Pale Ale – Marble Brewery ABV: 5.5% – IBU: 30 Fruit Beer (Pale Ale with Pineapple) Overall Rating 4.75 of 5 Mugs MrHoppy 4.75 of 5 mugs Piña Pale Ale delivers as the ultimate refreshing, mouth watering patio sipper. I knew from the first look at it’s hazy orange body and small foamy white […]


Steel Bender’s Lloyd’s 3 O’Clock Kolsch Review

By ABQ Beer / June 30, 2017

Lloyd’s 3 O’Clock Kolsch – Steel Bender Brewyard ABV: 5% – IBU: 25 Kolsch-style Ale Overall Rating 4.25 of 5 Mugs Barney Gumbel 4 of 5 mugs The beer opens up with a bouquet of dry, bready flavors and finishes with a subtle hint of lemons. Made traditionally with German Pilsner Malt this beer comes […]


Boese Brothers’ Cherry Bomb Review

By ABQ Beer / June 19, 2017

Cherry Bomb – Boese Brothers Brewery ABV: 6.2% – IBU: 30 Cherry Hefeweizen Overall Rating 3.25 of 5 Mugs MrHoppy 3.25 of 5 mugs Served in a shaker glass, Cherry Bomb has amazing glass appeal with it’s dark strawberry orange color, small frothy head, and murky body. Smells as you’d expect from a big wheat […]


Red Door Brewing’s Open Saison Review

By ABQ Beer / June 12, 2017

Open Saison – Red Door Brewing ABV: 6.2% – IBU: 29 Saison Overall Rating 4 of 5 Mugs Beer Muse 4 of 5 mugs Red Door Brewing did a nice little number when they attacked the farmhouse ale style, and brewed their Open Saison. This beer’s aroma is bright with shots of spiced notes. The […]


Dialogue’s Sour Raspberry Review

By ABQ Beer / May 22, 2017

Sour Raspberry – Dialogue Brewery ABV: 6.6% – IBU: 10 Sour Ale Overall Rating 4.25 of 5 Mugs Beer Muse 4.5 of 5 mugs Dialogue brewery has a good grasp on the sour style but their Sour Raspberry was my favorite. This beer executed the wonderful balance of tartness with bright fruit flavors a classic […]


Starr Bros’ Red Zepplin Review

By ABQ Beer / May 15, 2017

Red Zepplin – Starr Brothers Brewing ABV: 7.6% – IBU: 60 Red Ale Overall Rating 4.5 of 5 Mugs MrHoppy – 4.5 of 5 mugs Red Zepplin has a dark copper red color and a clear body topped by a small foamy white head. The aroma is smokey and heavy on roasted and toasted malts […]

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