Steel Bender’s Lloyd’s 3 O’Clock Kolsch Review

Lloyd’s 3 O’Clock Kolsch – Steel Bender Brewyard

ABV: 5% – IBU: 25
Kolsch-style Ale

Overall Rating 4.25 of 5 Mugs

steel bender 3 o'clock kolsch

Barney Gumbel 4 of 5 mugs

The beer opens up with a bouquet of dry, bready flavors and finishes with a subtle hint of lemons. Made traditionally with German Pilsner Malt this beer comes in 25 IBU and 5% ABV making it a beautiful choice for sessioning on a porch on a nice hot day.

MrHoppy 4.5 of 5 mugs

Lloyd’s 3 O’Clock Kolsch is a very easy drinking, light bodied beer that is clean and crisp from start to finish. Light golden body with ultra high clarity and a small white frothy head that leaves good lacing. A light straw, hay aroma from pilsen malt is present mixed with faint notes of noble hops. The taste is smooth and light while finishing long and dry, true to style.

Definitely a refreshing warm weather beer. They get very close to the Kolsch style without lagering (I’m assuming). I would recommend this Kolsch style Ale to anyone new to the craft beer scene looking to make the cross over from a big box beer. Also to anyone looking for an easy drinking, low ABV session brew on the less hoppy side. I imagine this would be a great BBQ or party beer you could drink a whole keg of, with the help of a few friends!



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