Starr Bros’ Red Zepplin Review

Red Zepplin – Starr Brothers Brewing

ABV: 7.6% – IBU: 60
Red Ale

Overall Rating 4.5 of 5 Mugs

starr brothers brewing red zepplin red ale

MrHoppy – 4.5 of 5 mugs

Red Zepplin has a dark copper red color and a clear body topped by a small foamy white head. starr bros red zepplinThe aroma is smokey and heavy on roasted and toasted malts that smells like a sweet cookie. Initial flavor is dominated by the caramel malts and mellows as the hops balance out the finish. More subtle and less pronounced flavors include a brown sugar like sweetness and faint nuttiness. The heavy malt body is well balanced but not over powered by the clean hop finish.

I’m a big fan of more traditional style reds and Red Zepplin hits the mark perfectly for me.  It’s a great balance on a malt forward ale with just enough hops to tingle my senses. I would recommend Red Zepplin to anyone who enjoys malt forward ales such as browns, ambers, and reds.


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