Red Door Brewing’s Open Saison Review

Open Saison – Red Door Brewing

ABV: 6.2% – IBU: 29

Overall Rating 4 of 5 Mugs

red door brewing open saison

Beer Muse 4 of 5 mugs

Red Door Brewing did a nice little number when they attacked the farmhouse ale style, and brewed their Open Saison. This beer’s aroma is bright with shots of spiced notes. The taste was lightly filled with spiced orange peel and bold wild malty characteristics, to make it a delightful earthy balanced saison with a light dry finish. It’s a solid bodied beer with a reddish caramel color, high carbonation, and low foam. I enjoyed this beer. It fired up my taste buds with unique and pleasant rounds of flavor. If you want a beer that hits the target on spiced saisons, then take aim at Red Door’s Open Saison and don’t miss!

MrHoppy 4 of 5 mugs

red door brewing open saisonOpen Saison has an amber hue with a dark murky body, soft carbonation with a small fizzy white head. The smell is sweet and malty mixed with some fruity, herbal hop aromas and light peppery/spicy notes. While some malty notes are present the flavor is very light and more similar to a pale ale than an amber like it’s color implies. This leaves the hops to balance out and dominate the flavor profile. There is also a strong funk flavor from the wild “Brett” yeast that finishes long on the tongue leaving you guessing until next sip.

Overall a clean and flavorful farmhouse style ale. I really enjoyed this brew and it is definitely a great warm weather beer. I recommend this Saison to more seasoned beer drinkers who can appreciate the unique flavors.  Also to anyone looking to step outside the box and try a new style.


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