Quarter Celtic’s Clark IPA Review

Clark – Quarter Celtic Brewpub

ABV: 6% – IBU: 50
IPA (Juicy New England Style)

Overall Rating 4.25 of 5 Mugs

Clark IPA Quarter Celtic

Barney Gumbel – 4 of 5 mugs

I have been becoming more and more acquainted with the Quarter-Celtic brewery off of San Mateo and Lomas. I was recently hooked when I stopped in for corned beef and cabbage the day after St. Patrick’s Day and boy did they deliver. But I digress; we are here for beer aren’t we?

This time I stopped in try their Clark IPA. This IPA is different from what we are usually offered here in Albuquerque. It is a cloudy East Coast-Style IPA. It is a beautifully hazy orange illuminated gorgeously by the sun pouring in from the countless windows of the taproom. It is bright, citrusy, and pleasant. It offers a huge amount of hop juiciness without the bitterness – as opposed to many southwest style IPAs. It comes in 6.1% allowing more room for flavor complexity. It uses Rahr pale malt, flaked oats and wheat. The flavor is brought by Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy, and little bit of Simcoe. It also uses Lupulin powder, which is extracted from the Lupulin gland of the hop.

Clark is a crispy and refreshing IPA that is uncommon in ABQ and should be tried alongside an item from their fantastic food menu.

MrHoppy – 4.5 of 5 mugs

Clark IPAIt’s name is Clark (AKA SUPERBEER), a soft, mellow and well balanced IPA. Golden orange and very hazy with a small white foamy head served in a traditional pint glass. I really enjoyed this New England style IPA which is heavily dry hopped and much lighter on the bitter end of the scale. It’s a good change of profile and tastes much different than what we think of as a traditional IPA here in NM. Clark puts on display the flavor of the hops without killing you with bitterness.

Clark starts out fairly mellow on the front of the tongue and slowly works it’s way back as the array of hop flavors dance on your palette. Clark is heavy on the knose but aroma dissipates quickly so take a whiff early.  Initial aroma is fruity and floral while the taste is more clean herbal, and citrus. You can really taste layers of hop flavor as the beer warms which adds another layer to the complexity.

I would recommend this beer for anyone looking for a low IBU (bitterness) IPA and to all IPA lovers looking to step out of their comfort zone a bit. I recently tried some of the highest rated NE style IPAs as my family is from NE and sent me a few. I can comfortably say that Clark holds it’s own against it’s East Coast counter parts in the NE IPA arena.


Quarter Celtic Brewpub (1100 San Mateo Blvd NE #50, Albuquerque, NM 87110)

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