Marble’s Piña Pale Ale Review

Piña Pale Ale – Marble Brewery

ABV: 5.5% – IBU: 30
Fruit Beer (Pale Ale with Pineapple)

Overall Rating 4.75 of 5 Mugs

marble pina pale ale

MrHoppy 4.75 of 5 mugs

Piña Pale Ale delivers as the ultimate refreshing, mouth watering patio sipper. I knew from the first look at it’s hazy orange body and small foamy white head it would be a dry hopped monster. Aroma is thick herbal, fruity dankness with notes of melon, lime, and a citrus and floral bouquet. Piña Pale looks like a glass of fruit juice with the aromas to match.

marble pina pale aleWith the first sip the pineapple taste and acidity jump right out at you and take over. The Chinook hops take the backseat however offer a very complex flavoring. Like layers of a cake, new flavors pop out at you with each sip. The mix of tropical fruit and hops is delightful and finishes slightly tart with pineapple notes lingering.

A very easy drinking  warm weather pale ale that literally has a mouth watering quality leaving you craving another sip. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits and one rarely done well in beers (IMHO). From the pineapple beers I’ve tried in my day, this is by far the BEST!! I recommend Piña Pale to anyone who likes flavorful beer, definitely to anyone who likes pineapple or fruit beers in general. While not super bitter I’m also pretty confident that Hop Heads would enjoy the dank herbal and fruity hop profile.



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