Kaktus Brewing’s C-Thru Stout Review

C-Thru Stout – Kaktüs Brewing

ABV: 6.1% – IBU: 23
Blonde Stout

Overall Rating 4.25 of 5 Mugs


MrHoppy 4.25 of 5 mugs

C-Thru Stout is riddle in a glass. Looking like a light ale with a clear golden body and small white head but with a taste resembling a stout, hence the name C-Thru Stout.  Aromas are also “Stouty” with notes of coffee, chocolate, toasted barley and hints of cookies.

Taste is initially sweet from the malts and balanced by the bittering hops just like you would expect in a stout. The mouthfeel has a good “thickness” to it while somehow maintaining a super “light” drink-ability.

This is definitely an interesting style and the first of the kind I have personally tried. The short description I would put on C-Thru Stout is: Chocolate Chip Cookies in a glass! Overall an amazing beer with some complex flavors layered on a tasty golden body. I recommend this beer to anyone looking for something new and interesting. Also to anyone who likes stouts and wants to try a new take on an old style.  Finally anyone who likes beer and cookies would definitely enjoy a pint of Kaktus’ C-Tru Stout!



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