Chama River’s Pastime Lager Review

Pastime Lager – Chama River Brewing

ABV: 4.5% – IBU: 25

Overall Rating 3.75 of 5 Mugs


Reviewed by Mash Tun, Beer Muse, Yeast Master, Beer Man & MrHoppy
Chama River Past Time Pils Photo: Antonio Martinez

Chama River Pastime Lager

Mash Tun 3.5 of 5 mugs

Nothing goes together like hot weather and cold beer. I’m not a huge fan of American lagers and prefer something with a bigger flavor profile, but you can’t compete with the thirst-quenching ability of a lighter beer. Chama River’s Pastime Lager will excite even the most mundane of lager fans with its crisp front and refreshing finish. While generic light beers fall into the same pale lager category, this beer boasts a slightly more robust flavor with just a touch more hoppiness. At first sip, I thought it tasted like a “good Coors light” but the taste grew on me. The quality of the ingredients is what brings this beer to life (this ain’t your daddy’s rice beer!). It wouldn’t be my go-to beer on a night out with friends, but I can definitely see myself sipping this over a game of volleyball or (as the name and menu suggest) America’s favorite pastime.

Chama River Past Time Pils

Beer Muse 4 of 5 mugs

Chama’s Pastime Lager stepped up to the plate, and made me thirsty for spring time. It’s appearance is a bright golden yellow color with a frothy white head, and has a light fizzy body that makes this beer emit ale brightness. The smell is of light malt and hop aromas with hints of graininess that pop through. The flavor is the best part. It’s crisp, clean, and balanced. Overall, this beer is a hard hitter being tasty, very drinkable, and enjoyable. This beer I think would be perfect to enjoy outside, either on a beautiful day sitting on a patio, after a hike, or of course watching a baseball game.

Yeast Master 2 of 5 mugs

The only memorable thing about this beer was the awful taste. A lightly carbonated straw-colored hazy lager with an off colored head. The hops in this were awry, either too many or the wrong variety, leaving a resiny medicine fore and aftertaste. If “cheap ballpark” was what they were going for they hit the mark. I was hoping for an American classic, crisp clean lager. No such luck, I didn’t even finish mine.

Beer Man 4.5 of 5 mugs

Past Time Lager is a pure slice of Americana. With all of the attention in the craft beer community going towards beers with big unique flavors, many of us have forgotten how great an understated crisp clean lager can be. Past Time is a better version of the mass produced American Style beer most of us associate with summer. Think Budweiser, Michelob, or even Pabst but made with better ingredients,  and served fresh.  There is either a wheat or pilsner aroma that dominates. I’m not enough of an expert to distinguish which dominates the two so I’ll just say it’s a little bit of both. On tasting the beer, the wheat flavor takes on a whole different character. It is almost fruit like. Towards the finish, there is just enough alcohol and carbonation to make for a clean crisp finish. This is one of the best examples of an American Lager I’ve ever had.

MrHoppy 4.25 of 5 mugs

Starts with a wheaty hay like aroma but not much else on the nose. Color is a light golden with a slight hazed body and a small white head that leaves good lacing. Starts without much taste just the plain background of light malts. The middle and mouthfeel are crisp with the mild hop bitter coming through. Finishes smooth and slightly sweet. Matches the style of an American Lager pretty closely which is a plain clean light beer but way better than a Coors or Budweiser! Perfect beer for a ballgame. I can picture myself drinking 10 of these during a Red Sox game!





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