Canteen Brewhouse’s Hoppyweizer Review

Hoppyweizer – Canteen Brewhouse’s and

ABV: 6.1% – IBU: 40

White IPA


Overall Rating 4.25 of 5 Mugs

Reviewed by Beer Muse, Mash Tun, & Yeast Master


Beer Muse 5 of 5 mugs
ABQbeer and the Canteen Brewhouse’s have come together to formulate a white IPA titled Hoppyweizer. This beer will fulfill any thirsty hops lover’s need for the summer. It is also available on cask which is a delicious mellow version of the one on tap. The beer poured with a yeasty bright yellow color, white head, and a medium body. The aroma was a bountiful array of hops, hints of citrus notes, and low malt notes. It has a satisfying depth of flavor with tangy grapefruit and slight hop bitterness. Overall, the beer brings to ABQ the hybrid style that will impress any one.  The weather has warmed up and the ABQbeer and Canteen collaboration leaves you feeling hopped up and refreshingly cool like a hoppy beer slip n’ slide. Go to the Canteen and enjoy this beer while its around! I give this beer a 5 out of 5 mugs!

Mash Tun 2.75 of 5 mugs

The concept for this beer is cool: make a beer with the flavor complexities of a wheat and the hoppiness of an IPA. While this was a good first attempt, a little more work needs to be done to balance the flavors. The nose is citrusy sweet with the faintest hint of hops. You can tell this is an unfiltered wheat beer with the semi-cloudy appearance. Curiously, there was little head on this pour, though I’m not sure if that was the beer or the bartender. The first sip starts sweet like a typical hefeweizen, slowly becoming more bitter as the sip drags on. The finish was a little too bitter, even for an IPA guy like myself. I think this was from the sweetness upfront being overpowered by the hops in back. A very interesting beer I encourage you to try for yourself.

Yeast Master 5 of 5 mugs

Wow what an excellent beer! The aroma presents a fruity bouquet that eagerly greets your nose. This easy to go down, better by the sip brew hits notes of biscuit punctuated by floral citrus perfume like aroma. Finishing with an herbal hint of nutmeg, peach, and pepper. On the exhale I noticed a faint scent of coriander. Light and sweet balanced up front, clean and bitter on the end. A nice creamy body with lively carbonation lends a great mouthfeel, and a lovely head lasting to the final dregs. Don’t be surprised if you take some to go, I did.

Beer Man (No Rating)

Hoppyweizer is a beast. It’s a beer with a wheaty weizen style full flavor and a pale ale hop finish. The two compliment each other well and I think this collaboration between and The Canteen was a success. I’m not leaving a rating on this one since I helped a little in the brewing process and am probably biased 🙂 That said, I really enjoy it and think you will too.

MrHoppy (No Rating)

So.. we brewed this one with Brady at Canteen Brewhouse and the recipe was adapted from my very own home brew recipe. That said this beer is amazing. Hazy light yellow/golden color to the body with a nice frothy white head that lasts. Initial flavor and aroma is grapefruit and orange from the heavy hopping of Citra (my favorite hop). Hoppyweizer quickly transitions on the palate into it’s half hefe self with wheaty notes in the body and hints of banana from the yeast. Finishes like an IPA, a White IPA to be specific; creamy and bitter!



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