Boxing Bear’s Black & Blue Sour Review

Black & Blue – Boxing Bear Brewing

ABV: 5.6% – IBU: 10
Sour Fruit Beer

Overall Rating 4 of 5 Mugs

black and blue sour

Barney Gumbel – 4 of 5 mugs

Boxing Bear rests off of Alameda Blvd. right by the beautiful Rio Grande river. For the readers in the heights/midtown area I could not recommend this lovely drive enough. You get a great sight of the river as well as all the abundant plants/wildlife. I get there around 2pm and am immediately put at ease by the plentiful amount of foliage in the patio area; plenty of shade for the warm weather.

Being an enormous fan of sours I immediately order their newer Black and Blue Sour. It is a gorgeous wheat-based sour made from a purée of blackberries and blueberries. It is bright and sweet with a lovely lactic/acidic finish. It sports an attractive dark opaque purple color. 10 IBU’s and a 5% ABV it is a pint made for a pleasurable spring afternoon.

It is one of many of the fantastic selections that Boxing Bear offers. Boxing Bear has a history of making fantastic specialty ales such as: Bear Fuzz (peach-based wild ale), watermelon gose, Iron Lung smoked porter, and the chocolate milk stout to name a few.

MrHoppy – 4 of 5 mugs

Black & Blue’s name is fitting. A beautiful bluish purple hued brew served in a tulip glass with a small purple foamy head. Not much aroma but there is a faint fruity presence most likely from the hops or berries. Initial taste is sweet and fruity. It’s hard to pinpoint an exact flavor profile but it is definitely “berry”.  There are virtually no malt or hop flavors present as expected with the style. Flavor finishes with a long moderately sour taste that lingers on the back of the tongue long after the first sip.  Very acidic but not overly sour. More on the lighter side of the sour scale for my preference.

I thoroughly enjoyed this beer. Before I could even taste this one, I knew I would like it judging by it’s perfect glass appeal.  Taste was very balanced, masterfully mixing the berry and sour flavors. I’m a big fan of anything sour so this one gets a few bonus points from me. I would definitely recommend this beer to anyone who enjoys sours and fruit beer lovers looking to get into sour beers.


Boxing Bear Brewing  (10200 Corrales Rd, Albuquerque, NM 87114)

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