Bow & Arrow’s Hazillionaire Review

Hazillionaire – Bow & Arrow

ABV: 6.8% – IBU: 65
IPA (w/Saison Yeast)

Overall Rating 4.5 of 5 Mugs

MrHoppy 4.5 of 5 mugs

Hazillionaire has a hazed orange body and foamy white head, served in a tulip glass to help retain aroma. The first smell gives way to an array of citrus aromas with orange being dominant. Also present are tangerine, and grapefruit aromas. Flavor matches aromas with strong citrus, juiciness. Slightly sweet initially but quickly transitions into the hop bitterness we all know and love. A lot of orange and grapefruit “juice” flavors.  The finish is long and dry from the Saison yeast yet buttery and from the hops.

The bitter and juiciness off the hops blend really well with the Saison yeast in what tastes like a citrus Saison without any fruit.  Overall Hazillionaire is a great tasting and enjoyable, yet unique IPA.

IPAs and Saisons are two of my favorite styles and I am very please with this love-child of the two. Personally I really loved this beer and only took points away for being a little out of style for an IPA. I would definitely recommend Hazillionaire to anyone looking for a new take on the NE style IPA and anyone who enjoys Saisons and Farmhouse Ales.

Seeing how most 505ers will be judging by taste alone and not style guides, I would put Hazillionaire in the running to take the NM IPA Challenge. They are currently a little behind in votes but from years past we have learned anything can happen in Round 3!


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