Bosque’s Challenge IPA 3.0 Review

Challenge IPA 3.0 – Bosque Brewing

ABV: 6.5% – IBU: 90

Overall Rating 5 of 5 Mugs

Bosque Challenge IPA 3

MrHoppy 5 of 5 mugs

Challenge IPA 3.0 starts out with HUGE Hop Aroma I could smell from across the table. Obviously they put in some quality time with the dry hops. Boasting big citrus and tropical fruit aromas mixed with subtler notes of peaches. I would describe the glass appeal as a clear copper, caramel Ale body, topped with the head of a stout. Thick and creamy leaving perfect lacing as you sip.

Bosque Challenge IPA 3.0The taste is appropriately bitter for the 6.5 ABV malt bill without ravaging your taste buds. The hops flavor really is super balanced and refreshing. Layer upon layer of of thick herbal and fruit, without being over powered in any one direction. The body is thick and creamy on the finish. (Is this thing on Nitro? j/k)

A very enjoyable and repeatable IPA! Dare I say the perfect IPA? I think so. Honestly if Bosque canned this bad boy and got Albertsons to start selling it, this would be my new go-to IPA (Please do!).

I’m not much of a betting man but if I was, this might be my pick to take the NM IPA Challenge. Only time will tell but one thing is for sure. This IPA is tasty!



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