Back Alley’s Malt Tonic Review

Malt Tonic – Back Alley Draft House

IBU’s – 28. ABV – 6.75%

Overall Rating 4 of 5 Mugs


Reviewed by Yeast Master, Beer Man, Barley Broad & Mrhoppy
Back Alley Draft House Malt Tonic

Back Alley Draft House Malt Tonic

Yeast Master 4.25 of 5 mugs

Another historical brew from the Albuquerque beer repository. This recipe comes from the 1895 worlds fair. Dark and malty, smoother by the sip. The dark notes more expressive as the beer breathes and warms up a tad. A nice lively mouthfeel and a soft carbonation carry you from a light initial taste to a crisp bitter toffee finish. Very unique, try it if your in the mood for something different, or want to try beer from the turn of the century.

Beer Man 4 of 5 Mugs

For me, this beer defies explanation. I simply don’t know enough to classify it. There’s malt flavor of course. Lots of malt flavor accompanied by a toasty sweetness and a crisp finish. It’s also dark and cloudy. Not being an expert in pre-prohibition beer I can’t say whether that is supposed to be a bad or good trait. I do know that it is different from anything ever I’ve tried and I like it.

BADH-malt-tonicBarley Broad 3.75 of 5 mugs

This black lager had a very dark color similar to a brown but was almost as cloudy as a weizen. It smelled a little fruity and had little to zero head. My reaction to the first taste of this beer was overwhelming because of all the different flavors it provided, my taste buds were in malt heaven. This beer had a toasted malt flavor with a sweeter undertone to it. I was very impressed with Back Alley’s Malt Tonic.

MrHoppy 4.25 of 5 mugs

This is an interesting brew which doesn’t quite fit into any category. The brewer described it to me as an un-lagered Bock which would have been common place in the 1900s. The Malt Tonic smells sweet, malty (of course) and chocolaty much like a Stout or a Dopplebock. It’s dark reddish-brown, thick and slightly opaque with a small foamy brown head. The mouth feel is surprisingly thin for the color (not like a stout), lightly carbonated with some alcohol warmth that finishes crisp on the tongue. The taste of this tonic is sweet and malty with a mild bitter hop finish. I picked up notes of caramel, chocolate and a biscuity-bread flavor. Overall this is an easy drinking brew that will take you back to what pre-prohibitioner’s may have sipped on. If you typically like porters, stouts and dopplebocks you’ll probably enjoy this one!




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