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Blue Grasshopper Opens in Rio Rancho

By ABQ Beer / October 11, 2014

Blue Grasshopper jumps into local beer fray this weekend By Dark Side Brew Crew … First off, where is Blue Grasshopper? Well, hop on Highway 528/Rio Rancho Blvd. via the Coors Bypass and head north. Once you get to Southern, where you usually turn left (west) to get to Turtle Mountain, keep going north. The third […]


Ponderosa’s Rip Saw Red Review

By ABQ Beer / October 10, 2014

Rip Saw Red – Ponderosa Brewing ABV: 6.5%  IBU: 50 Pacific Northwest hops are right at home in this Northwest-Style Red Ale: Woody, spicy, piney and citrusy. Overall Rating 3.75 of 5 Mugs Reviewed by PocoThe Weisse, B Wiess & MrHoppy PocoTheWeisse 3.5 of 5 mugs For a new brewery, this place definitely has put […]


New On Tap in ABQ – 10-2-2014

By ABQ Beer / October 2, 2014

Pretty calm on the beer front this week. We do have a few Altbiers added as well a few new IPAs and Pumpkin beers. Click on brewery name for full list of beers and detailed information. To view our Full On Tap List by Brewery click here. [hr] Bosque Brewing The Box IPA – 6.7% […]


The Oldest New Brewery in Town

By ABQ Beer / September 29, 2014

One of Albuquerque’s longest standing and most iconic breweries, Il Vicino Brewery gets a re-brand. After 20 years of producing award-winning beers, the Il Vicino Brewery is changing its name to Canteen Brewhouse. “Over the years, the brewery has developed its own strong identity,” explains Il Vicino co-founder Tom White. “What started in 1993 as […]


ABQ Beer Reviewer Profiles

By ABQ Beer / September 26, 2014

MrHoppy Male Favorite ABQ Brewery: Canteen Brewhouse &  Boxing Bear Favorite Beer Style: IPAs, Sours & Seasonals Craft beer enthusiast. Home brewer. Internet marketing pro. My favorite style of beer is IPA but I also enjoy Ambers, Wheats, Hefes, VMO’s, & Fruit beers to name a few of my favorite styles. The main thing I […]


New on Tap in ABQ – 9-24-2014

By ABQ Beer / September 25, 2014

This week there have been lots of Pumpkin beers and Oktoberfest added just in time as the Fall Equinox has past and it is no longer summer. Click on brewery name for full list of beers and detailed information. To view our Full On Tap List by Brewery click here. [hr] In Alphabetical Order: Back […]


Lizard Tail’s Rye Stout Review

By ABQ Beer / September 24, 2014

  Rye Stout – Lizard Tail Brewing ABV: 5.5%   IBU: 35 A dark, sweet, roasted rye stout that is sure to delight your taste buds. Overall Rating 3.75 of 5 Mugs Reviewed by Beer Muse, PocoTheWeiss, Bierhead, Pint Tipper, & Beer Man Beer Muse 4 out of 5 mugs First time visiting the Lizard Tail […]


The History and Function of Yeast in the Brewing of Beer

By ABQ Beer / September 21, 2014

The Chemical Magic of Yeast in Brewing Yeast has played a mysterious role in the brewing process since the early days of civilization; however, it wasn’t truly discovered until the late 1800s by Louis Pasteur. The fungus is responsible for producing a variety of compounds, including ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Whether creating ale or […]


Boxing Bear’s Uppercut IPA Review

By ABQ Beer / September 17, 2014

 Uppercut IPA – Boxing Bear Brewing ABV: 7.6%  IBU: 100 Uppercut  IPA recently won Silver at the 2014 State Fair Pro-Am. Overall Rating 4 of 5 Mugs Reviewed by Beer Muse, PocoTheWeiss, Bierhead, BeerMan & MrHoppy PocoTheWeiss 4 of 5 mugs This golden IPA has a delightful citrusy, piney aroma that lingers on in the […]


Albuquerque’s Holiday Home Brew Competition

By ABQ Beer / September 12, 2014

Holiday Fiesta Home Brew Competition ABQBeer.com is proud to announce our very first home brew competition, ABQ Beer Holiday Fiesta! We here at ABQ Beer are avid home brewers and wanted to bring the people of Albuquerque a holiday home brew celebration. We noticed most of the home brew comps took place during the summer […]

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